ok, this is the story about ma bell (in ILL COMMUNCATION)...its not just
bell, the company--ma bell is a person...ill tell you all the connections.
one of my teachers in high school grew up in ny.  he went to mta, and later
to a jewish college, yeshiva university (i once read that adam horovitz went
there, but i dont think its true).  this teacher is the same age as the bboys
(but doesnt know them).  once, he told us a story about this homeless lady on
the streets, she stayed mainly around YU--she was a little nuts. every day,
she would put a dime into the public phone and start yacking away--or
actually screaming to the other end, about her life, and things
happening...and then, the dime would come out of the slot-- b/c she wasnt
really calling anyone.  so when it fell out, shed stop talking, calmly put
the dime back in, and start yelling again. shed do this for some time (i
wasnt there, i dont know how long), so the guys started calling her Ma Belle
(or bell)...now this may not be true for ill communication, but think about
1-2-1-2 keep it on  ('get it tog')
~ the ny area code...continue
im like ma belle i got the ill communication
~ma belle wasnt getting in touch with anyone, it was one ended conversations.
hence, ILL communication...also showing that hes LIKE ma belle, its easier to
resemble a person, not a phone co.
and then, in the background in 'get it tog' at the end "me bell, i got the
ill communication...whos that? ma belle...keep it on and on.."
~showing it is a person
i think im right, you may think im crazy, but i think i firgured out a world
mystery and im pretty damn proud of myself...if you appreciate it,  my name
is Meira and i deserve credit.  if you dont like it, hell, im still a genius
and deserve to put my name down next to that annotation
from, the girl with the best annotation