I get some really interesting mail from time to time.  I archive the better ones here, for my own amusement mostly, but you might get a kick out of them, too.


Nice to see the Beastie Boys Annotated Lyrics page. I write and maintain a similar page for the Grateful Dead's lyrics--thought I should write to express my admiration to a fellow annotater. Good job!

 -- David  http://arts.ucsc.edu/gdead/agdl

dear mr. beastie-man,

 oh shit you kick ass.  and your page too.  by golly, i should say that  you definitely have such a knack for creating worldy goods.  you said to  e-mail you with  props, so i'm taking you up on that offer.  i mean, it brings me immense pleasure to gain the ka-knowledge from your oh so glorious page.  my friend cori and i think you're fatty ill, and i mean that, y'know what i mean?  so i don't wanna beat it into the ground (or something like that), but i just want you to know that i'm givin' you mad props.  so if you wanna talk some beastie action, then i'm your main gal.

               never let 'em say that i don't love you,

 I love the lyric site. Thanks for allowing me to annoy my wife with the correct words.

I don't often take the time to do this, but I am emailing you to complament you on your site.  I wanted to look up the lyrics to "Three MC's and One DJ" and came across your site.  It is informative, to the point, insightful, and and most importantly B.S. free.  It has no background pattern, no java.  I hate sites with extra crap like that. Even though my home page is full of it.  (Hey, that has double meanings)  Anyway, great site and great job!  By the way, I bookmarked the page, one of only 6.


how fuckin cool are you? i'm working on a thesis for an mfa in poetry and it's ALL ABOUT THE BEASTIES and yr like a god for putting all these sample sources online. i'd like to give you credit in the bibliography. how would you like to be identified? (if yd like to be identified)

               Lacy Schutz

~*~*~Totally Phreakin Awesome~*~*~

this is like the best beastieboys page i have ever found, and i just wanted to let you know that your extra creativity is super money...  it's like the cliffs notes for the beastieboys :)


Hey man! I just thought I would drop you a line to tell you that I visited you site and was so impressed by the annotated lyrics! I am a fan myself, I know for example that there are only (!) 14 refernces to food in Hello Nasty. I must have as much spare time on my hands as you do. Seriously, keep up the good work! I had always wanted to know what a pannekoeken is. I 'm glad you were able to fill me in you site. God, I am SUCH  a pathetic fan. What can I say, I saw the Beastie Boys on the 22nd may and am still recovering from the experience....

            Check you later, Kelly .... Brisbane, Australia

Wow! NICE lyrics section! and very comprehensive! i'm super impressed!  Anyway... would you mind if i included modified versions of your HTML documents on my own Beastie Boy site the BeastieShrine? You'd get full props for the work, of course, and may even eventually be linked to off the official site (I do the discography for the official site currently, but i'm hoping to be the next in line for the next site redesign).  anyway check out my site and lemme know =0


First of all I would like say that your page rocks, all the beastie information I wanted on one page. I must admit it, it was quite a search at first (because I was looking for the  Paul's Boutique sample page instead of yours), but I stumbled upon your website and it it's far better than the Paul's Boutique sample page, that I visited a few hours later.

            Dr. Jerry PhD

hi. i just wanted to say that i really really really like your page. you know a lot about stuff.

            Grace Munchel

COOOOOOOOOOOL!  I've been a b-boys fan since Licensed To Ill.  Met my husband in '96 when my clothes got wet next to a jacuzzi and he offered me his t-shirt--which happened to be "Check Your Head".  You know the one!  Anyway,  the two of us love your annotated site (Paul's Boutique is our favorite!).  Without you, we never would have figured out the Bouillabaisse lyrics.  Keep up the good work.

            Beverly & Gary

Talk about tight, ur site is...wow. Those little tidbits on the b-boys whacked out lyrics are so nice, unbelievable. I sat here for an hour or  two just reading the whole thing through, it's a great way to waste my time. Only thing bad about it was I noticed some of the wroding isn't exact, but still close enuf for govt work. Just wanted to give my tumbs up, laters.


I just wanted to say that your Beastie Boys lyrics page is the most interesting webpage I've seen in years. It has kept me from writing my damn paper for more than an hour. I seldom feel  that I just have to express my appreciation, but I do now.


so, i checked out all your additions, and i have to let you know how amazing your site is.  im really impressed by the effort you put into it and the selflessness.  it was all put together very well

meira, that girl with the ma belle annotation

mad props! that site you have with the bboys lyrics is sweet, you have certainly done your homework, are you headed to any shows? I have to drive up to LA since I am in San Diego. Anyways that's about for me, I bow before a beastie master! :o)
p.s. if you respond, do so to .....@yahoo.com because this email is my fathers, thanks

as i guess you already know your site is totally boss and we have been avid fans for a while now. in fact, you are the first link on our bboys website--which you should check out sometime when you get a chance.


Ms. Mad Max

the website is by far the most interesting thing i've ever looked at on this crazy thing we call the internet. not only does it have all the lyrics to best group on earth, but it explains in detail what they mean. i've listened to the b-boys albums over a million times and every time i log on i learn something new. it's so very complete. a beastie fan's dream come true. you must not have a job, because for this kind of dedication you can't leave your computer. and to detail the samples they used, that's sick. i love
listening to a song you've never heard yet you recogize the beat. "hey the b-boys used that." it's so cool the way things come full circle. thank you.

Dan McCormack

Hi there.  Just came across your site and loved it.  I'm going to run a feature on it in our upcoming issue of ROSCO
magazine.  It is a Toronto based indie culture thing.  Our web site (which needs updating) is www.roscomagazine.com.  Anyway, It should be out in print in Feb...Just thought I'd let you know that we dug ya.  Keep up the good work.


If you are a fan of the Beasties you'll dig on this fan site. It
offers a very cool guide to the references and samples
used in each of the 5 studio LPs.  The notes are put in
italics within the body of the lyrics, which makes for an easy
read.  It's an ongoing effort, which makes no claims of
being authoritative, but has been very well researched.  It's
also refreshingly low-fi, although an image or two here and
there might spruce the site up a bit, but what'reyagonado?
A shit load of work went into this people!  Now get out to the
party and start doing the smurf.  Props.

over the counter culture under the blue blue sky

...major props on the web site.  I have long thought that rap
songs should be annotated, and certainly I have been having trouble
understanding some of the B-boys' allusions.

Again, your web site is the best thing on the net.

Gregory D. Laun
Northwestern University, Evanston, IL.  USA

Congratulations on the coolest site I've seen on the net in quite some time. Also, I would like to thank you for helping me settle a dispute I was having with one of my co-workers about a sample on Paul's Boutique. After seeing your amazing accuracy, we agreed that you were right, and I was truly vindicated. I was a history major in college and I can appreciate the amount
of time, even with such a powerful tool as the Internet, you must have spent to gather all of this information. I have many friends that will enjoy your site. It's always nice to be able to forward something worth wild, instead of mundane jokes.

Sorry for the ramble, but you get big ups, props, street cred, or whatever else is 'hip' in the street lingo today.

Thanks for kickin' the k-now-ledge, a sysop to a degree, that you can't get in college...


Hi, I'm a journalist (and Beastie Boys fan!) who is writing an article about a Beastie Boys newsgroup, reporting on the types of discussions going on in the newsgroup and how it relates to their music.  I was intrigued by your statements about their lyrics (how boasting is part of hip-hop form) and hip-hop as a post-modern music style.  I would like to have your permission to quote you in my article.  If you agree, I would like to have your name and phone number in the event that I need to double
check a statement with you.  Hope to hear from you soon. Please email me back at ...@columbia.edu.  Thanks for your time and consideration.

litlstoasted and neesd to find lyriccs to dlute looop for a bet thansyk you

Wooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww ! This site kicks! it's grrrreattt ! Unfortunately I don't understand a lot of the rhymes ;)

Tibetfree from Poland

this page is ridculously good, it complements the b boys perfectly..a guide for all their obscure references, analogies, and samples, characteristics that make their music so unique and respected...

again, thanks for this site, this is the most interetsing one find i've found since the onion and the washington post polictical cartoon section (from me, a compliment)...thank God for Al Gore ... peace

matt mccann

PS...great notes on the Ma Bell etymology


In case anyone else out there is wondering:  Lexington, KY

Hey soopageek,

A google search for Beastie Boys lyrics turned up your site.  I needed to definitively get the line in the subject and enjoyed your commentary. Great work. Thanks for the site.  I'll be sure to check out some more of your analysis. Later.

Demetri Mouratis

i thought i was gonna have to ask the almighty these things after i died, i'll have to prepare a whole new list of questions now....very nice work, no really....very very well done, awesome!


I would also like to thank you for making your research accessible to the public via the internet.  It has been tremendously entertaining and informative for my friends and I to go through all the Beastie Boys lyrics and find out the meaning behind them.  We have sent your website link to all of our Beastie-loving friends and have encouraged them to do the same.

Dave Logg

It looks like you had a lot of fun wasting time.  Keep that up.


Your site Annotated Beastie Boys site RULES!  I was web surfing to find out if "The Jerry Lewis" was an actual dance, and I ended up reading the whole site.  (Well, the red bits anyway.)  I'm telling all my Beastie Boys-loving friends about the site.  Keep up the great work!


I wanted to say that your website is very interesting and informative.  Some of the things that you've come up with I wouldn't have thought of in a million years. Thanks for your time and keep up the good work.

John Wright

hello. i just wanted to let you know that i am a HUGE fan of your annotated lyrics webstie. it's great to see someone else as "sickly" into the BBoys as i am.  oh, one more thing, i don't if you are continuing to work on updates or not, but contact me if you want/need help. i'd be glad to pitch in.

a huge fan-
-Josh Fuhr

Just checking out you Beastie Boys page. Awesome stuff.  Getting an education today. It's like your own pop-up video..... Thanks for a great page my friend, great work.


The B boys are pretty clever dudes, having grown up liking their music as a teenager, Im now starting to understand how talented they truly are. Your site is pretty cool because people like myself in South Australia dont necessarily understand some of the B Boys references because of the country difference, mostly we can work it out but you explain all that on your site.
Job well done!



My son, Grade 7, wants to breakdance in front of his school with 3 other boys to a Beastie Boys tune from the 80's.  I said o.k. but he needs to find a song that will be o.k. for elementary school (without swearing or drinking) Can you suggest something?


ho-o-o-o--o-lyfreakin'goodGOD!  you deserve an excellent blowjob for this.



From: "soopageek"
To: "Cara C."
Subject: Re: !!!
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2003 19:53:45 -0400

i just replied to a young lady who wanted help picking out an age appropriate beastie boys song for her son to breakdance to at an 8th grade school function and i told her that it was the most interesting piece of mail i had ever received.....

damn was i ever wrong....

i wish i could say there was a line for you to get in for the blowjobs, much less excellent ones, but sadly that isn't the case.... ;-)

I just got back from my first trip to NY this afternoon.  I spent the week-end there with a friend in Brooklyn, who will now be frequenting your site also and shares my sentiment.  Perhaps a line is forming...



Hi, there.
I don't think I even know your name, but thanks for taking the time to unravel some of these references for us.  There is a collection of us relatively geeky folks -- scientists and engineers in the thirty-ish range -- who thoroughly enjoy the stream-of-conscious trivia laid out by the Beastie Boys.  There are a ton of references we weren't understanding and
samples we couldn't identify, so thank you for adding an extra layer to our enjoyment.  I also wholly appreciate your statements regarding links, web banners, and advertisements.  Keep up the good work.

Amos Wampler

Hey, my name is Amanda and I just thought I'd give you a shout-out, have been loving your website for years and I'm glad to see it hasn't changed - so many old sites are gone or all shiny-fancy or bands just only do a myspace or facebook/whatever...

anyway, the fan site seems to be a thing of the past, so i'm really happy that your site is still around because it's excellent. very informative.

Keep up the good work :D